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    • Why you should volunteer at BayAreaChess?

      *** Volunteer Appreciation Night - November 30th ***
      Friday, Nov 30 @ 7:15PM
      at the BAC office (2050 Concourse Drive #42, San Jose, CA 95131)
      ALL are welcome!
      Award ceremony starts at 7:30PM
      Snacks, pizza, blitz & bughouse fun will be provided for free :)

      Here at BayAreaChess, our mission is to Transform Lives Through Chess.
      We offer a great enrichment programs for all ages, hold regular tournaments, and more! Our team is full of amazing staff and our diligence is shown by our achievements.
      Our recent awards include Chess Club of the Year in 2018 by US Chess and Organizer of the Year 2017 by US Chess.

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      If you are:
      A Player who would like to get involved
      A Student who would like to earn volunteer credit hours
      A Parent who would like to earn free entries for your child
      If you want to make a different
      You came to the right place!

      We will walk you through how to sign up and get certified
      and post updates here often - so bookmark this page!

      Many many thanks in advance for your support and generous donation of your time and energy
      to volunteer and help BayAreaChess!

      Contact us if you have any questions.
    • BayAreaChess - President's Volunteer Service Award program

      In addition, we are extremely proud that we’ve been officially approved to be a certified organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Program (PVSA) www.presidentialserviceawards.gov

      Therefore, you can receive national recognition when volunteering with BAC. You will need to register through PVSA, and track your hours while volunteering with our agency. Here is a quick intro to register through PVSA and track your hours each time you volunteer. Click here to read the instructions.

      Once you reach our benchmarks page, you’ll be included in our Volunteer Recognition Events.
      BAC will award you with a certificate contingent upon completion of the volunteer program.
      You can learn more about the different recognition levels, and how many hours of service each level require, please visit the link below.
    • Useful links and resources

      PLEASE Follow these steps to become an active and official Volunteer for BAC.

      1st Step: Read our Volunteer Training Program to understand the different stations and opportunities.
      This will help you decide and narrow down your area of interest within BAC.
      BAC's Volunteer Training Program

      2nd Step: Fill out a General Interest Form
      let us know what you would like to volunteer at BAC.

      BAC team will get in contact with you soon with more information about upcoming dates.

      Should you have any questions, or feedback, please do not hestitate to contact us via this form: Contact us.

    • FAQ

      We will collect all the usual questions regardig Volunteering for BAC here.
      If you don't see an answer to your question, please email us to ask at bayareachess.com

      Q: I'm a HS student and I am in need of some service hours. Can you help me?

      A: YES! We have many opportunities that HS students can volunteer at, and we can sign any form that you might have from the school, as well as give official certificate of your volunteer hours.
      Shoud you need any refernce, we have many students who did the same in the past.

      Q: My child would love to particiapate in more tournaments, but the price is too high for us. Can I volunteer for you guys and earn free entries for your tournaments?
      A: YES! we reward parents' help with free entries. Just reach out to us and let us know when you can do some volunteer work. We have many opoortunities, not neccessary just at the events, but at the office, or online.

      to be continued :)

      Should you have any questions, or feedback, please do not hestitate to contact us via this form: Contact us.